Robert G. Van Hoecke

Mr. Van Hoecke has more than thirty years of experience in the oil pipeline business.  For twelve years, Bob held various positions with Williams Pipe Line Company ("WPL"), including Manager of Regulatory Affairs.  Since leaving WPL, Bob has provided consulting services to energy industry, primarily relating to cost of service, market studies and strategic planning.  Bob has provided expert testimony in numerous matters relating to competitive market analysis, pipeline tariffs, cost of service and business practices.

Relevant Experience

Rates and Regulation

  • For WPL, directed company’s Phase II defense in rate case before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission ("FERC").  Responsibilities included developing the course of defense and selecting appropriate expert witnesses to testify on the company's behalf.  Supervised development of various stages of discovery, direct testimony, rebuttal testimony and case preparation. Served as chief company witness and performed short-run marginal cost analysis of integrated pipeline network containing more than 40,000 distinct routes.
  • Presented testimony in a FERC complaint proceeding to determine whether certain bookkeeping services provided by a common carrier pipeline were jurisdictional.
  • Provided expert testimony regarding the proper method for determining just and reasonable transportation charges for unregulated carbon dioxide pipelines in two separate class action disputes initiated by royalty interest owners in the Federal District Court of New Mexico and Colorado.
  • Submitted expert testimony regarding rate reasonableness and revenue adequacy on behalf of an anhydrous ammonia pipeline at the Surface Transportation Board ("STB").
  • On several occasions, Mr. Van Hoecke has provided expert testimony regarding just and reasonable rates for the Trans Alaska Pipeline (“TAPS”) under various alternative cost of service methodologies.
  • Routinely prepares market evaluations, laid-in cost analysis, and testimony for market-based rate applications at the FERC.
Economics and Finance
  • Assisted in the financial and regulatory evaluation of potential acquisition opportunities.
  • Participated in the development of a historical cost trend analysis for the oil pipeline industry.
  • Provided expert testimony regarding the reasonableness of certain decisions made by a majority partner in a joint venture pipeline in a dissolution action initiated by a minority partner before the Federal District Court of Missouri.

Commercial Analysis

  • Market evaluations and determining appropriate competitive tariff structures to maximize a pipeline’s profitability.  Conducting competitive analysis of potential market encroachments and assisting pipeline clients in developing a series of strategic and tactical responses.  Developing the data and testimony required for market-based rate applications at the FERC.
  • Performing economic analysis of proposed business development projects to assist pipeline management in evaluating various business strategies.
  • Performing market evaluations and establishing competitive tariff rates and ancillary fees to maximize profitability. Works closely with Marketing and Business Development groups to develop and implement market-based, negotiated rates with strategic shippers and joint pipeline carriers.


  • Mr. Van Hoecke has provided expert testimony on behalf of oil pipeline companies for over 20 years. He has presented testimony more than 50 times on matters involving cost-of-service issues, rate design issues, competitive issues, as well as more general analyses of pipelines and the regulatory issues they face.  He has presented testimony at the FERC, STB, the Regulatory Commission of Alaska ("RCA"), and before Federal and state courts.


  • Mr. Van Hoecke has conducted presentations and workshops every year since 1993 at the annual Accounting and Regulatory meeting of the Association of Oil Pipelines.  In addition, Mr. Van Hoecke has given presentations for the American Petroleum Institute, Pipeline Technical School and Executive Enterprises.


  • Northwestern University; Pipeline Economics and Management Program
  • University of Kansas; BS Business Administration