REG provides advisory services for mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, and asset valuations.  Our advisory services may include development cash flow models, analyses of market competition on expected revenues, and other quantitative valuation techniques.  We also assist in the preparation of analyses required for compliance with U.S. Antitrust laws.  REG has assisted clients in performing due diligence, asset valuations, and analysis of project economics. 

REG’s investment advisory work encompasses three main areas:  (a) Financial Valuation, (b) Valuation/Infrastructure Development, and (c) Acquisition Due Diligence. 

Financial Valuation
REG is experienced in performing asset valuations. Our financial and accounting proficiency allow us to assess current risk for use in an asset valuation study. We typically develop life cycle cash flow models that allow the analysis of the effects of different assumptions on valuation.  Our modeling and database capabilities also allow us to value an individual asset, a contract, or total enterprise value. 

Asset & Infrastructure Development 
REG possesses the economic, financial, and regulatory experience to assist those who are evaluating new projects or expansions of existing infrastructure.  Advisory services include analysis of project economics, contract negotiations, asset optimization and evaluation of enhancement projects, and pricing models. 

Acquisition Due Diligence 
The acquisition of assets often requires that a “due diligence” process be completed to support informed decision making.  Typically these studies include an assessment of the value of the assets to be acquired, applying generally accepted financial principles.  REG assists clients in analyzing the value of the proposed acquisition though the application of quantitative models which consider the effect of regulatory and competitive factors. REG advises clients on the “key data” that they should seek from the seller, and the effects of regulatory or competitive considerations on the target asset value.