REG monitors development of FERC, STB, SEC, FTC and various State Utility Commissions in order to stay apprised of the most recent regulations, opinions, and orders. REG routinely meets with FERC staff on behalf of our clients to discuss regulatory matters.

REG can provide the underlying analyses required for clients requesting cost-of-service or market-based rates. REG also assists clients with development of cost based analysis of valuation for property tax assessment.

In addition, REG assist clients in regulatory accounting matters and compliance with regulatory reporting requirements including:

  • Accounting entries for acquisitions and divestitures;
  • Depreciation Studies
  • Regulatory accounting training
  • Accounting process reviews
  • Identification of events that require accounting approval from FERC
  • Record Retention Policy
  • Preparing the Form 6 Annual Report;



We also provide support at the state and federal levels for project permitting, environmental impact assessments, and rights-of-way issues.