Robert L. Read

Mr. Read has over thirty five years of experience in the oil and gas business focusing primarily on transportation infrastructure.  Areas of expertise include cost of service and rate design for oil and gas pipelines, project economics, project financing, and business process analysis and improvement.  Mr. Read has led analyses of major new pipeline projects in Latin America, the former Soviet Union, and Central Asia.  He is an expert in the use of quantitative methods for the analysis of project risks and strategic planning.

Relevant Experience

Project Analysis - Energy Transportation Systems

  • Analyzed transportation infrastructure strategic issues for a major Alaskan producer.
  • Assisted numerous oil pipelines in development of tariff models used in strategic planning.
  • Analysis of transportation economics for a proposed new gas transmission export line in Central Asia.
  • Determined f the fair value of contributed pipeline assets in connection with a proposed export pipeline for the Tengiz oil field in Kazakhstan.
  • Analysis of consolidated economics for alternative export pipelines for production from the Kararachnagnak and Mangyshalk oil/gas fields in Kazakhstan.
  • Assisted refiner in analysis of transportation economics of pipeline versus marine transportation.
  • Assisted a major new crude oil export line in Columbia in the implementation of a tariff structure consistent with the requirements of their project financing agreements and Colombian tax and accounting regulations.
  • Assisted major oil company in developing tariff proposal of a proposed export pipeline in Venezuela.
  • Prepared report on regulatory alternatives for energy infrastructure for the state oil monopoly in Brazil (PETROBRAS).

Cost of Service and Related Issues

  • Assisted the owners of the Milne Point Pipe Line Company in reaching a tariff settlement with the State of Alaska concerning future pipeline tariffs.
  • Assisted major US oil pipeline company in preparation of rate filing under Part 346 for the Commission's regulations.
  • Assisted TAPS Owners in the analysis of tariff rates under alternative methodologies.
  • Supervised the preparation of Page 700 presentations for various US oil pipelines.
  • Developed cost of service model for use in analysis of tariffs for the Alaska Gas Pipeline.
  • Assisted a major intrastate gas pipeline in Oklahoma in an analysis of the effects of alternative rate designs on charges to affiliated electric power generation customers.
  • Assisted the owners of Endicott Pipeline Company with the negotiation of a tariff settlement with the State of Alaska concerning future pipeline tariffs.
  • Assisted Cook Inlet Pipe Line Company in negotiation of Settlement with the State of Alaska.

Process Improvement (while with Ernst & Young)

  • Supervised the annual Liquids Pipeline Comparative Benchmarking Study, a comprehensive study of enterprise wide performance and practices.
  • Assisted a major oil and gas E&P company in the Gulf of Mexico in a focused improvement study of the new well development process for oil and gas properties.


  • Case Western Reserve University (Weatherhead School of Management), MBA  Finance
  • University of New Brunswick, MSc Transportation
  • University of Maine, BS Civil Engineering